My last month has been busy with studying....! And now that i am finally done the exam I am making plans to spend time in my favourite wine exploration region in Canada: Okanagan! I have been traveling to this region for a decade, getting to know different vineyards and discovering the best chefs, restaurants and hidden getaways between Osoyoos and Kelowna.

Ultimately I would love to own property in Summerland and use the space as a rental for wine lovers, myself acting as a concierge for all things wine, as well as all things afterhours:)

As someone who has many connections in the sensual underworld, i can set up fun evenings with BC ladies after your lovely golf day in the beautiful south Okanagan.

Why don't you get a group of gents together and make a date for a getaway! I can help with all the fixings:)

PS: my wine expertise getaway rate is slightly more approachable then a regular getaway! Email to discuss:)