Veronica Sway Goes Straight!

Myself and Kelly Clipperton have been making film/art together for more than a decade. Kelly also worked with The Scandelles, the theatre company I helmed alongside Alex Tigchelaar from 1999 until 2016. After my theatre troupe disbanded, Kelly and my longtime collaborations led to us making film content for Veronica Sway. We aim to diffuse the myth that courtesans are one dimensional. In this particular film, Veronica Sway has been hired at a corporation that has a problem with morale and a very strict head manager. My character infuses the mundane day to day of the 9-5 with sunshine, and magically coax the best out of each office worker. Ultimately we overthrow the wrathful boss and put the rightful woman in her place. 

We had a great time making this film. And my cast was made up of good friends and sexworkers in Toronto. 

The other purpose of creating content for Veronica Sway, is to keep my creative juices flowing. As much as I have retired from stage performance, I never want to stop making art! Also, creating content that is humorous and a-typical is great for screening. Because most of the films I make are farcical, those that don’t share my sense of humour do not contact me. I am much more interested in creating long lasting relationships with those that are like minded. 

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