In 2018, Toronto was rocked with the knowledge that a Sex Doll Brothel was to open in an industrial area of North York.

Social media flamed the fires of outrage and ultimately the storefront didn’t open. Myself and my fellow sexwork colleagues found this indignity by the NIMBYs hilarious. This storefront was ultimately a place where a client could go and jerk off in an inanimate object. But the affronted public saw this space as “hurting women”...

The idea that those that don’t seek out escorts have any jurisdiction around our lives and the laws that govern our work has always been a sore point for companions.

The saving of dolls from being exploited is comical, considering how sexworkers rights and autonomy over our bodies are of no interest to our government.

Speaking with my courtesan friends, we all had a laugh at this feigned injustice. These dolls who have now been imbued with human traits ultimately could be charged with breaking the law if they “choose” to work at a “brothel”....

And so “Second Wave Love” was born. As much as this is a comical video, I also loved how the storyline developed. The film became about boundaries and acceptance in the relationship between a client and escort.

I hope you like the video you can find here:

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