I grew up in the age of aerobic fitness fanaticism. I was 8 when I watched as Bess Motta bounced across my TV screen, making bedroom eyes and singing in a sultry manner in City TV’s groundbreaking workout program 20 Minute Workout.

 As a young girl who was pretty confused about her sexuality, this show garnered strange feelings in my bathing suit area. 

Years later, I made homage to this show: Veronica Sway in Workout!!!

R.Kelly Clipperton and I shot our video with a couple of my girlfriends in a studio in the east end of Toronto. We replicated the iconic all white studio and bright coloured workout gear and makeup of the period. I play the part of Bess Motta. The workout ends where Bess and her workout partners wash each other in a steamy lesbian show scene fantasy! 

20 Minute Workout went viral before viral was a thing. It was shared the world over as softcore porn for understandable reasons. 

I make these videos for fun! I hope you enjoy the video Veronica Sway in Workout!!! If you do, give me a thumbs up on my Veronica Sway Vimeo page. I had to start a new page due to my last one being shut down for too much nudity. Snore! Let’s make this one just as popular!

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