About Me

I’m so glad you found me here…

My favourite compliment I have ever received is “it’s as if you looked deep into my eyes and found what makes me tick…” I believe that if you’ve been given the chance to explore someone’s secret desires, you should leave no stone unturned.

Many years ago i shed the guilt and shame of being an overtly sensual women and I decided to own that part of myself. I began my performance career as a dancer, competing in highland games as a young girl. It was inevitable that I would be bitten by the musical theatre bug. I have studied dance and drama and now run a theatre company out of Toronto. I am a pole dancer and gym enthusiast. I am a wine fanatic and have tasted collections all over North America. I am a traveler at heart, always itching to pack my bag and explore new places.

My interest in creating films started while making videos with my theatre company for our live shows. I now work with Kelly Clipperton and Craftship Media to bring you the films you can peruse on this site.

Organically, through performance and self discovery, and with the help of amazing encounters with like-minded people, I present my catalogue of photos and video that chronicle my journey.

I hope to titillate you with these images and videos…and make you laugh as you follow my adventures as an ethical hedonist.

And, if by design, we meet over a glass of wine and sparkling conversation, I will look deeply into your eyes and try to find the things that make you tick…

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