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April 28th: Went to see live theatre last night...

It was great being in a black box theatre. And sometimes, the lights going down is the most exciting part. Which happens as it did last night. Yes the piece started fairly strong. But I have to admit, I like watching people on stage that command your attention. The current vibe in non commercial theatre is what they call "casual performance." It is inclusive. But not in a way that makes you want to watch. That might sound terrible, but it is true for me, and I think many people I sat with in that audience. I miss theatre, that inspires. I will keep trying though. Anyone want to come watch some mildly disappointing theatre with me? We can have a drink after and discuss:)

For fun, here is a link to a video on my private vimeo account of me, many moons ago doing a fave burlesque routine at Lee's Palace. Enjoy! /822080667?share=copy