Fetish Fun!

I feel like it will be a cold winter... But what always warms things up for me is a good old fetish event! I have been attending these parties in Toronto and world wide since i was 21 years old:) My best friend Bradley bought me my first piece of leather back then and i have been playing dress up ever since. Latex, leather, chain mail, lingerie, hosiery.... A fun time is had when you can finally dress up in TO especially...(people are all so casual here) Getting out to see the crew of like minded heathens who enjoy a little sensual dress up is tons of fun. There is always someone in pony gear, and somebody wearing a diaper walking about. And then you see the famous floggers doing their thing in the dungeon, with their subs enjoying the domination and the exhibitionism of being out in the open and on display. Sometimes it is the only thing that gets us through the long dark city winters.....

Here are some photos from past fet dress ups to present:)