Out West Getaway

You don’t realize how much you need a trip to nature until you’re fully immersed in it…I just got home from a week in BC. One night in Vancouver, to remind me how congested Toronto is :s

Then on a seaplane to the island. Met a dear friend of mine that moved to Port Alberni from Vancouver about three years ago. We spent the week frolicking in the wild. Picking vegetables and herbs from her garden and repairing meals, drinking wine, learning how to plant bulbs and transplant sunflowers. Took a boat ride on a lake just outside of town and floated in the deliciously fresh water while staring up at Mount Aerosmith. Made it to Tofino and walked her dog on the long gorgeous sand that sweeps the landscape.

Those that know me well, know I’ve been inching closer to finding respite outside our city. Not sure where I will land yet, but at some point I’ll have a clearer picture or how I can City Mouse/Country Mouse.