Instagram Disabled

I have spent the last month trying to get back into a locked out instagram account that i started 9 years ago. The account was disabled apparently because of the possible three things:

selling sexual services (my account has been wiped clean of that sort of thing for a very long time)

sexually explicit photos (the one photo that they might have had a problem with is below)

Considering the profiles i have seen that have been incredibly more sexually suggestive than this, I believe this is more about erasing women courtesans from the platform. Even though i have disappeared myself from social media as an escort, I am still vilified.

And we wonder why women have to go underground at some point in their professional lives in this community. There is no room for growth or change as far as the larger population is considered.

I have created a new instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veronicasway2.0/

I will be reposting the videos and shoots from over the years and of course being more careful about who can follow my movements. So if you choose to follow, DM me to let me know that you are a member here!