Okanagan Debacle

Just returned from my wine escape to south Okanagan....Even though the fires were kept at bay, there were many other roadblocks...literally. A couple days before we got on the plane, there was a massive rock slide on the one highway that easily takes you from Kelowna to Osoyoos where we were spending the bulk of our trip. Although the trip was more stressful then it ever has been before because of travel issues....the entire OK was pretty much empty and we had all the wineries to ourselves! I discovered some new wineries and vintners like this woman from Okanagan Falls: Heidi's Peak Winery We got to meet her and try her wine. So much innovation in biodynamic and organic wine making in the OK. I am inspired by these farmers. I am even more determined now to find a piece of property to homestead on. Food sustainability is not something we can depend on being looked after by our government. And the more i meet these farmers who are taking matters into their own hands, the more i want to do the same!