New Year

So we begin a new year....reflecting on what this year holds and what was not accomplished from the year past. I went back to finally finish editing one of the peep show box videos. When i pulled it up...I realized it was pretty much finished. It needed music and an ending. As so many things have changed since i made the video in the first place. It was the end of the pandemic when we made the piece. And the ending was going to be about an artist not wanting to make art about the pandemic bc we were so over it by the time it was over. But now i realize that the pandemic changed so much more about all of us in the city. Change that is irriversible...the squeezing of those that are just getting by...those who make a good living even. The monopolies that overrun the small businesses that use to line our walking streets, but now are few and far between bc noone can afford storefront rent. I will definitely be changing the ending of the film.

I had also stopped editing bc a dear friend had passed away from an accidental overdose and i witnessed it. It changed my life, and obviously her husbands...in a very real way. I have made some decisions about having more privacy and space in my life. And ultimately wanting to find a place outside the city to escape to. Somewhere else to put down roots. As this city gets more and more congested and harder to live in, i know i will be working toward this goal this year. I will never fully be completely out of TO, but i know it is not enough.

A little pic from the film you will be able to see on my vimeo and socials soon. Happy new year:)