Only Fans, Not My Cup of Tea

Friday June 9th: Why Only Fans is not my cup of tea...

I woke from a dream this morning realizing why the OF experiment eventually fell flat for me....The platform favours consumption over creativity.

When the pandemic hit and I immersed myself in making vids for the platform...it felt new, exciting and got my creative juices flowing. I was using some fave songs that made me feel sexy and I loved finding different angles and outfits to film in my little box in the sky. Within 6 months of doing OF I felt bored. Endless content creation over real experience was not for me.

My dream last night was about forced labour. There is no world where I want to live that i do work only for profit, without any joy or pleasure. I am now working on building skills that are fun to learn, and my creative sparks are flying again. I know that some of you know me well, and understand this about me, and so many creative people: we need stimulation! And building experiences for people is where I will always put my priority. I will do this in my next chapter that is percolating now as well....When we see each other I can tell you in more detail how this will play out!

Here are some pix from the show I did with Manifesto the other eve for the opening of Luminato Festival TO. I rarely do stage performance anymore, but I am happy to be a backup dancer for a dear friend and watch as his creativity flourishes with this project.